Is Plastic Flammable? (How flammable is it)

is plastic flammable

A lot of your expensive appliances such as a refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, and coffeemaker in your home or office are made with plastic. Therefore, you think you might be at the risk of losing them to fire. Let’s ‌‌look at if plastic is flammable. Is plastic flammable? YES. Plastic is flammable and burns almost … Read more

Is Paper Flammable – Surprising answer here

Is paper flammable

A lot of your vital documents and important books are on your shelves or anywhere in your room, and you think you might be at risk of losing them. Let’s look at if the paper is flammable. Is paper flammable?  YES. Paper is flammable and burns quickly. Countries with fire and building codes have marked … Read more