How Hot Are Takis?

If you’re a fan of snacks, then you might have probably come across Takis. But you know, Takis is not your regular kind of sugary or salty snack, and the fact that it contains a peppery flavor makes it more unique. So today, we will take a quick look at Takis, explore some of its … Read more

How Hot Are Bonfires?

Bonfires can help to create a warm, bright atmosphere during those winter twilight you decide to spend outdoors and those family get-togethers staged beside a beach. Moreover, if you are the type that loves hanging out with your friends near a beautiful fireplace, you’ll surely fall in love with bonfires. In this guide, we will … Read more

Is Glitter Flammable? (Does It Catch Fire?)

You might have probably heard of the popular saying, “all that glitters are not gold,” glitters are not gold indeed, but they shine and sparkle like one. Glitters are those colorful, shiny, and minute pieces of metals we used to decorate our homes or birthday parties to make them look spectacular. But, is glitter flammable, … Read more

Is Carbon Dioxide Flammable?

Is co2 flammable?

You may have heard that carbon dioxide is not good for the environment or may read about it in news articles. Carbon dioxide is not always a bad thing and is naturally occurring. In fact, humans and animals exhale carbon dioxide because of breathing and the decomposition of organic matter. However, we produce excess CO2 … Read more