Is Peppermint oil flammable? What is the flash point of peppermint essential oil?

Is peppermint oil flammable?

Our dear old peppermint plant is actually a hybrid plant got by blending water mint and spearmint plants. The oil from these three plants (peppermint, water mint, and spearmint) are essential oil used for many things. But despite their many uses, does peppermint oil (and other essential oils) catch on fire? Are they technically flammable? … Read more

Can I Get Fire Hydrant Water For My Pool?

Fire hydrants are those water-filled, colored containers or pipes we see at strategic locations along the roadside, parking spaces, industrial zones, colliery, etc. Plus, fire hydrants are usually found in extremely cold areas where materials can ignite readily and spread a fire. Fire hydrants act as a regular source of water for both swimming pools … Read more

Is Toothpaste flammable? Let’s find out.

Is toothpaste flammable

We all know what regular toothpaste does for us, and there are others, like the elephant toothpaste, which we use for our little science experiments. But have you ever wondered what other substances your toothpaste contains besides the common fluoride? Does any of these substances make your toothpaste flammable? In this article, we want to … Read more

Is Olive oil flammable? Yes or No?

Is olive oil flammable

While most people use vegetable oil for cooking, others prefer olive oil as it is superb for many kinds of food and gives the taste of the Mediterranean. Are you considering olive oil for cooking but wondering if it is flammable? Here’s what you should know. Is olive oil flammable?  Olive oil is not flammable … Read more