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February 2, 2023
is vicks flammable

If you are like most Americans, then you must have used Vick Vaporub to relieve cold and minor aches in your joints and muscles. But have you ever wondered if this Vick you are using catches fire easily? Let’s dive in to see if it is flammable.

Is Vicks Flammable?

Yes. Vicks are flammable because they contain combustible elements. However, small amounts of Vicks might not be flammable, but it becomes highly flammable if it is applied in large quantities, and come in contact with a fire or heat source.

Vicks works for various things and this makes it widely used and recognized. It is used as an Ointment, Cough relief, Pain reliever, to combat flu and so on. It works for basic cold health issues.

Hence, you need to know about Vicks, if it is toxic or not, what is used to produce it, why it is flammable, and what it is used for. This will make it effortless to get familiar with Vicks and know how to deal with it properly to circumvent erroneous use.

What is Vicks?

is vicks flammable

Vicks is an original Ointment product used for several cold and respiratory disorders. Vicks products include Vicks VaporRub, cough drops, cough medicines, and several inhaled breathing treatments among others.

Vicks has been existing for years, its ownership has been passed from generation to generation, but remains centralized in manufacturing cold and respiratory medicines.

Vicks is not a substance in particular, but the parent’s name of cold and respiratory medicines. Many years ago, Vicks was a retail drug business. Vicks products like Vicks VaporRub and the likes carry the Vicks name tag and they are usually made with similar ingredients.

Vicks relieves cough, combats flu and other breathing problems. It also helps in relieving pain and minor aches. Vicks is one of the most reliable and popular Ointments in the market.

Is Vicks Toxic or Not?

Vicks is not toxic. It is a medical product used to combat cold, flu and other respiratory infections. So, it is not toxic after its use. Ingestion of large quantities is understood to be injurious to children and may come with hidden negative effects.

We should regularise their use to stave off overdose or wrong use. As an illustration, using Vicks on wounds or broken skin is dangerous because it can cause infections or skin irritation.

Vicks is a topical Ointment and most Ointments contain camphor. So, it should not be used on children below age two. Proper storage should be practised to prevent mishandling by kids.

What is Used to Produce Vicks and Why Is It Flammable?

Vicks is commonly known as an Ointment product that can massage the body for pain relief. Like other ointments, Vicks is made with petroleum jelly.

Most Petroleum Jelly products have flammable ingredients and Vicks is no exception. One of these ingredients is a highly flammable hydrocarbon.

Hydrocarbons are explosive substances that can be triggered easily when applied lavishly. They made Vicks with other ingredients like camphor, Mints, Menthol and Eucalyptus oil among others.

A small amount of Vicks might not be flammable, but this doesn’t mean you should carry Vicks around a campfire or in the kitchen with you while cooking.

Vicks are flammable when applied in large amounts or coming in contact with a fire source. Vicks can lead to mild explosions when dropped in a burning fire.

Petroleum jelly is the base ingredient for many Vicks products and has high hydrocarbon like the ones in gasoline. It can be ignited when close to an open fire, candle or match stick fire.

What are Vicks used for?

1) To ease Common Cold and Flu: Vicks is highly effective in alleviating the common cold and flu. Whenever there are symptoms of cough or nasal congestion, Vicks can get rid of it in due time.

For nasal congestion, it clears the nostrils and makes breathing much more comfortable. This is possible because of the natural ingredients like mint, which cools the body and keeps it warm.

2) To Treat Respiratory Infections: A severe cold can stimulate respiratory problems through a nose block. Vicks is used to thwart respiratory infections. When it is used, the eucalyptus oil ingredient helps anyone who has difficulties in breathing get better with continual and adequate use.

3) To Suppress Cough: Vicks work perfectly in suppressing cough. Continuous coughs result from a cold or flu. When Vicks is used, it treats cough by suppressing it. It works satisfactorily because of the Camphor used in manufacturing it. Camphor help dampen the cold if the medication is taken appropriately.

4) To Treat Skin burns: Vicks can treat sunburned skin. No one relishes sunburn skins, and using Vicks on the affected area solves sunburn. Since Petroleum Jelly is one of its ingredients, it makes it easy to apply and massage the affected area.

5) To Relief Pain: Since Vicks is an Ointment, it can be applied on the spot, causing body pain and caressed thoroughly. It is used to massage and relieve pain when used appropriately.


The effectiveness, flammability, and use of Vicks have been clarified. Vicks are flammable, and they should be handled carefully when close to open fire. However, it might not be flammable when a small amount is applied. Using Vicks differs from one person to another. Some may choose to use Vicks for pain relief, while others use Vicks to treat colds and flu.

Since Vicks is a popular product, you must have used it at a particular point for any of its use. If you have one in possession, it should be used for its primary reason. Avoid carrying Vicks to open fire. Since it is flammable, you cannot keep Vicks negligently.

Which use of Vicks interests you the most? Have you tried applying Vicks to a burning fire? If yes, how did it react? You can drop a comment to share your opinions.


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