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December 8, 2022

The New College of the Humanities, also known as Northeastern University, is one of the most accessible schools to gain scholarships. It is in London, United Kingdom, and offers partial funding scholarships for home and international students.

The New College of the Humanities also stands as a charity that is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales to give scholarships to both undergraduates and postgraduates. The scholarship applies to all available courses of study.

Incorporated in 2010, the New College of the Humanities was bought by the Northeastern University in 2019. The college gains a yearly admission of about 500 students. Plus, about £2.5 million of endowments have been donated to the scholarship cause since its establishment.

The 2022/2023 Scholarship for Home and International students is made open to both home and international students that have demonstrated good academic proficiency and achievements. As always, the New College of the Humanities has opened its doors again to welcome new students for the 2022/2023 scholarship on all undergraduate and postgraduate courses they offer.

Scholarship Type

The type of scholarship offered by the New College of the Humanities is a partial scholarship. This means that the school will award you some funds that will aid you in paying off some fees. At some point, you will still need to pay for tuition and other outstanding fees.

Eligible Nationalities

The New College of the Humanities 2022 scholarship is open to all home and International students. This means anybody from any country can apply.

Eligibility Criteria

The New College of the Humanities will offer scholarships to students with good academic achievements and/or potential. Scholarships are awarded automatically to students selected for admission as there is no scholarship application form for students to apply with. So, immediately after you are admitted for studies, you will be awarded your scholarship funds.

Scholarship Degree Level

Scholarship at the New College of the Humanities is made available at all degree levels. This means whether students apply for an undergraduate or a postgraduate program, they all will be considered for a scholarship fund.

Courses Available for Scholarship Fund

In the New College of the Humanities, all courses of study are available for scholarship funds, be it undergraduate or postgraduate courses.

Scholarship Award Benefits

The scholarship award benefit applies to only the first year of studies. After the reading week of the first term of studies, the New College of the Humanities will wire a £500 bank transfer payment in GBP to students. To receive the scholarship funds, students must have completed their enrolment, the reading week, and paid off any outstanding fees.

Scholarship Deposit

If you have been offered admission into the New College of the Humanities and would need a visa to travel and study in the UK, an overseas bond of £3,000 is payable after the College issues the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number required for your student visa application.

How to Apply for a Scholarship

  1. Application for the New College of the Humanities scholarship is made directly through the regular online admission application form. There is no separate form to apply for a scholarship.

The application can also be made through UCAS, the UK-based application system (NCH’s provider number is N53), and Common Application, the US-based application system.

When applying for admission, students are also required to submit supporting documents like a personal statement which addresses:

  • Why you choose to study the course of your choice.
  • The interests you have and how it relates to your choiced course of study.
  • Why NCH is the place you have chosen to study that course.
  • What your career goals are and your plans after graduation.

Applicants must also meet entry requirements for the university’s undergraduate or postgraduate program they are applying.

Other steps applicants will have to pass through are:

  1. References

Your appointed admissions advisor may ask you for a referee’s name and contact details. Your referee is expected to be somebody that has worked with you or taught you in an academic or professional setting within the past two years.

  1. Interview

If your application is reviewed and you are considered for admission, an interview date will be set. The interview can either be in person, where you can have the opportunity to have a school tour or chat with other students, or via zoom. The interview is informal as the student will be asked more questions about themselves, their interest in the course of study, and their reason for choosing to study at the New College of the Humanities. The student will also be allowed to ask questions too.

  1. Offer

Within a few weeks of the interview, if the New College of the Humanities considers you a good fit, they will contact you informally and make you an offer.

  1. Language Requirements and IELTS – Level 6.5 may be required from international students.

The New College of the Humanities 2023 Scholarship Deadline

The New College of the Humanities 2023 scholarship is expected to close on 31 December 2022.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cost around £9,250 for home students who seek entry into the New College of the Humanities. For international students seeking admission, tuition costs around £14,000.

International students studying Economics BSc (Hons), English BA (Hons), History BA (Hons), Law LLB (Hons), Philosophy BA (Hons), Psychology BSc (Hons), Politics & Data Science BSc (Hons), Politics & International Relations BSc (Hons), Philosophy and Computer Science BSc (Hons) will have to pay £21,000 per year.

While others studying Business Administration BSc (Hons), Data Science BSc (Hons), Computer Science and Business BSc (Hons) will have to pay £25,000 per year.

When to Pay and How to Pay Your Tuition Fee

Tuition fees are paid on a term or annual basis. You will pay your tuition fees directly to the College. A little charge will be incurred if you pay your tuition using a credit card. The College accepts payment by bank transfer, Student Loan Finance, FAFSA, or Transfermate. The fastest way to pay your tuition fees is by bank transfer to the college’s bank account.

If you will be making payments from abroad or a credit card that is not GBP currency, the College has set up a payment platform that allows you to pay in your currency.

Other Financial Aid Offered in the New College of the Humanities

  1. Federal Student Aid (FSA) Loan

FSA loans are an excellent aid for students struggling to meet school fees. Apply for the Federal Student Aid (FSA) loan through the online application form and use the New College of the Humanities OPE ID Number – 002199.

  1. Bursaries for home students

Bursaries are made available only for students who are the U.K or Irish nationals who have lived in the UK, EEA, Switzerland, Islands, or Gibraltar for more than three years. Or students who are EU, EEA, and Swiss citizens with settled status in the U.K or Island for education reasons.

The New College of the Humanities awards bursaries yearly to home students at three levels:

  • Home students’ households with income up to £18,000 can get a bursary of up to £3,000.
  • Home students’ households with income from £18,001 – £42,000 can get a bursary of up to £2,000.
  • Home students’ households with incomes from £42,001 to £42,875 can qualify for bursaries up to £1,000.
  • Students who are estranged from their parents and/or guardians and have a means of proof may be eligible for a further bursary award of up to £1,000.

Bursary applications can be made directly on the school’s website.

  1. Student Finance England (for students from England)
  1. Student Finance NI (for students from Northern Ireland)
  1. Student Awards Agency Scotland (for students from Scotland)
  1. Student Finance Wales (For students from Wales)
  1. Maintenance loan


The New College of the Humanities scholarship for home and international students 2022 is an opportunity for students seeking financial aid to study in a tertiary institution. Although the scholarship is a partial one, students can apply for other financial aids like the FSA loan, bursaries, student financial loans, and maintenance loans.

Studying in the New College of the Humanities also allows students to experience life in the world’s most advanced city — London. This gives students the chance to garner firsthand experience and have the opportunity to see more opportunities to better their careers.

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